Christina Kim

Mikella Kang

Christina Thiraphoj
Lauren Kang

Christina and Mikella met in New York City and became fast friends. They bonded over many things such as fashion, Korean dramas, and traveling the world.


In the fall of 2016 they visited South Korea with their spouses. They were curious to see what kind of baby products S. Korea had to offer. While they were shopping, they found the highest-quality baby clothes/accessories they had ever seen. Not to mention - everything was extremely cute and fashionable! 


As luck would have it, they both expected their first babies and became mothers at about the same time. As newly expecting mothers they leaned on each other for support throughout their journey. Thus began their search for all things baby.


They wanted to find a unique combination of quality, comfort, and style. However, finding high quality baby clothing is a challenge in today's fast-fashion world. They often found themselves coming back to S. Korean designers again and again. They found innovative designs and high quality fabrics that surpassed the standards of baby products available locally. Everything featured on Tokki & Bear have been carefully selected and curated by them from S. Korea.

Our dream for Tokki & Bear is to help all of the moms, dads, aunts, uncles, grandparents

(it takes a village). We want to guide and show you new S. Korean baby trends and styles. 

We hope that you can join us and discover the same joy, love, and craftsmanship for the clothes and accessories we have for your little ones.

                                                                                    - Christina & Mikella