Dressing Babies For Summer: Why we love this summer tech outfit.

Hands up if you’re always struggling to figure out what your baby should wear during the hot summer months. It also upsets you to see your little one breaking out in a sweat when the fabric is thick and restrictive.

You’ve got to check out this Summer tech baby outfit. In addition, the bodysuit is made from 100 per cent cotton coupled with a mesh design for maximum breathability – perfect for our hot summer months. When the weather is chilly, it is great for inner layering too.

Designed for parents by parents, every detail – from the material to placement of the buttons and labels – has been carefully considered so it’s comfortable for your baby to wear every day and grow up in. To reduce skin irritation, the seams are flat and the stitching is on the outside, and its care label is in the middle layer so it doesn’t come into contact with your baby’s skin.

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